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My name is Michael W. Bishop and I am the founder of Creative Visions by Michael which was formed in 2004 when I decided to lend my talent and expertise to others.

I believe that life is a continuous series of moments; moments that should be cherished and preserved for days when you need them the most. Photography, I believe does just that.

My goal is to provide beautiful, and professionally done photos through the highest quality of services at a reasonable price. My specialization is in Portfolio updates for professional and aspiring models.

I am also fascinated with nature, landscapes, portraits and glamour shoots with a desire to capture unique images that creates a sense of depth and complexity of moods.

I have been living in Las Vegas for the last 20 years after moving from my home town Virginia. I am pleased to invite you to see the world through the lens of my camera.
I can be reached at 702-204-0467.

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