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"Working with Michael on the shoots were great. I never considered myself as a model but the photos came out awesome. He was very patient with my inexperience and was very creative. I absolutely love my photos. Thanks Mike." Deborah

"I had a great time shooting with Michael. He stayed professional when the weather got out of control. I love my pictures & would work with him again. Thank you Michael" Cassie

“I think your new Photos look awesome, It's great stuff! Serious Mike! I would love to do a shoot with you sometime” Ashley

"I had a great time shooting with you. The images came out great. love them" Mzre "Michael was very professional during our photo-shoot. Very friendly, an a amazing photographer to work with. He also has great personality and very relax. I would recommend him to any model and I would gladly work with him again. Also love the pictures I got back" Ariana

"Thank you!! Loved working with Mike on our shoot! Two things that really stood out was his professionalism and creativity. The second is the finished product, he really delivers a great photo! It was an absolute pleasure working with mike on the shoot. Getting back into modeling is a little nerve racking but he made me feel completely comfortable which is very important. Can't wait to work together again" Victoria

"I had a wonderful time shooting with Michael. He is such a sweetheart. Our shooting schedule didn't go as he planned but he was pretty patient with the whole situation and was able to capture some great images! I would love to work with you again" Kaysia

"Mike, I am very happy with the pictures. Thank you so much" Megan

"The Photos are beautiful! You were great to work with and very talented artist! I'm looking forward to shooting with you in the future" Jolene

"I love them Mike. Oh this is so cool" Lauryn "Your new shots are amazing :) Love Them" Jessica

"Awesome! booked a large paying gig on a music video with just one of those pics" Robert

"Michael did a great job. The contrast is very eye catching in the photographs. I absolutely love them. Thank you Micahel" Jessie

"Thanks for the pictures, they look amazing! I love them" Porsche

"Wow! So many good ones to choose from! I really enjoyed working with you; the pictures turned out great!!" Karolin

"I love working with Michael!! Very fun, patient and professional ... The quality of his work is of one of the greatest of photographers I've worked with.. he catches the perfect lighting and location even sometimes I think is weird but in the pictures it look awesome. Most definitely looking forward working with Michael again.!! :)" Tina

"My Pictures have been a huge hit, I can't thank you enough :)" Krystal

"Michael is very talented and and he has gotten me on a magazine cover and featured in many Magazines. Thank you so much for sharing your talent with me" Tygeria

"'Michael is a great photographer! I love his work and was honored to work with him. He got me my first Magazine publication. Thank you so Much! Keep up the amazing work!" Lonnie

Misc Photo Comments

Model: Jewels "Stunning back shot, very creative capture" Savannah C

Model: Jewels "That is a Beautiful capture......Nicely framed" West Images

Model: Jewels "Goodness....she's BEAUTIFUL!! Great Capture" West Images

Model: Cassie "Amazing. Love it" Ariana Corrine

Model: Cassie "This is a winner! that is one gorgeous model you got there. lucky you" Lizzy V

Model: Kaysia "She so BEAUTIFUL" West Images

Model: Jewels "Love this, great work" Garden of Siyu

Model: Lauryn "I think this is my favorite, love to see more from this" Annica

Model: Lauryn "So amazing, Mike" Victoria

Model: Lauryn "Great compostion. Really enjoy the background too" Bryan

Model: Lauryn "Awesome photo Mike" Deborah

Model: Karolin "Thank you!!! I Love them all! I'm so happy with how they turned out! I'm so glad we worked together" Karolin

Model: Tia " You have amazing work!"Model: Zorjana "Love your work :)"

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